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Changes and Corrections
New Date March 10 - "Gaithersburg High School Chamber Singers"
New Date March 17 - "Requests: Sing Along and Piano Show"
Time Day Class, "Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, " - 10:00 A.M.

Keese School is pleased to announce the 2022 Spring Semester

We look forward to seeing you at our 2022 Spring Keese School lectures, concerts, and courses. The 2022 Spring Semester is planned to be live, in-person presentations in Asbury auditoriums with possible seating and mask restrictions. Most of the evening sessions will be recorded. Should continuing COVID concerns force us to alter plans, changes will be posted around campus, on, and AVTV.

The 2022 Spring hardcopy Catalog is available NOW from your concierge or near mailboxes at the Villas and Coutyard Homes.
An online version of the 2022 Spring Catalog is available here 2022 Spring Catalog


On-time registration is $1 for evening Lectures, and $8 for evening Music. See the catalog for Day Class fees.

Register for 2022 Spring events with the paper forms in the catalog,
OR register on-line at this website Couples should register individually.
Use on-line Registration to get $2 off your total registration. Click the "2DollarsOff coupon".

The deadline for registration is January 31. Evening events and Day Classes check attendance at each session using a list provided by the registrar. If you miss the registration deadline for evening classes you can pay cash at the door, where each lecture is $2.00, and each musical event is $9.00. If you watch a recorded session, for which you have not registered, please send a check to Linda Pickle, Treasurer, Courtyard 353.
Day class fees are listed in the Day Class catalog entry. Late registration for Day Classes requires prior approval of the instructor and submission of the Day Class fee plus $1 to Ron Stevenson, Registrar, Villa 392, For questions, call the Registrar, Ron Stevenson, at x4609.

#201, Feb  7 Rosie the Riveter, Mary Ann Jung, Hefner Auditorium - {no recording}
#202, Feb 10, Women Heroes, Ann McCallum Staats, Parker Hall
#203, Feb 14, Global Food Insecurity: New Challenges Ahead, Richard Gilmore, Hefner Auditorium
#204, Feb 17, Humanitarian Response to International Emergencies, Dennis Warner, Parker Hall
#205, Feb 21, Modern Communications: Connecting Our Campus, Jeanne Dimmick, Hefner Auditorium
#206, Feb 24, Nature's Pharmacy: A Source of Medicines, Gordon Cragg, Parker Hall
#207, Feb 28, The Secrets behind Jane Austen's Popularity, Victoria Kincaid, Hefner Auditorium
#208, Mar  3, Life in Rockville in 1823, Mary Lou Luff, Parker Hall
#209, Mar  7, A Visual History of Gaithersburg's Historic Resources, Chris Berger, Hefner Auditorium
#210, Mar 10, Gaithersburg High School Chamber Singers, Sidney Clarke-Lequerique, Rosborough Theater, New Date
#211, Mar 14, Transformational Leadership Theory in Action, Prudence Bushnell, Hefner Auditorium
#212, Mar 17, Requests: Sing Along and Piano Show, Andrew Blendermann ,Rosborough Theater, New Date
#213, Mar 21, Back-Channel (Secret) Communication in Conflict, Dean G. Pruitt, Hefner Auditorium
#214, Mar 24, American Indian Code Talkers: The Real Story, Steve Huffman, Parker Hall
#215, Mar 28, Devoting a Career towards Improving Elderly Care, Tippy Irwin, Hefner Auditorium
#216, Mar 31, A Harpsicord Concert by Vera Kochanowsky, Vera Kochanowsky, Rosborough Theater
#217, Apr  4, Transforming the Kreeger Residence into a Museum, Judy A. Greenberg, Hefner Auditorium
#218, Apr  7, Solo Violinist Alessandra Cuffaro, Alessandra Cuffaro, Rosborough Theater
#219, Apr 11, Malaria Control and Eradication, Tom Wellems, Hefner Auditorium
#220, Apr 14, Faith, Belief and Reason, Geoffrey D. Kaiser, Parker Hall
#221, Apr 18, Magic Ray Jazz, Ray Chu, Rosborough Theater
#222, Apr 21, Francis Asbury: The Man Who Never Retired, Joye Jones, Parker Hall
#223, Apr 25, Suffragists in Washington, Rebecca Boggs Roberts, Hefner Auditorium
#224, Apr 28, My Life among Books at the Library of Congress, Mary-Jane Deeb, Parker Hall
#225, May  2, From Volunteer to Peace Corps Director, Jody Olsen, Hefner Auditoriu
#226, May  5, The Armies of Qin: the Terracotta Soldiers, Dorothy Bonett, Parker Hall


#251, Mar 28, Leadership and the Politics of Hope!, Irving Spitzberg,
........................Parker Hall Mondays 2:00 p.m.; and Zoom Wednesdays 7:30 p.m.
#252, Feb  8, The Era of the Crusades, John Locke, Lifestyle Room, Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m. new room
#253, Feb 15, Writing Our Memoirs, Murray Schulman, Arts and Craft Room, 2:00 p.m.
#254, Feb 22, Great Decisions, Pat Brill and David Winfield, Park View Club Room, Tuesdays, 2:00 p.m.
#255, Feb  9, ACT III: Taking Charge of the Rest of your Life, Marolyn Hatch, various rooms and times
#256, Feb  7, Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, Sandy Mack, Arts and Crafts Room, Mondays 10:00 a.m.

Visit for current and past catalogs, and access to previous recorded presentations.

Please participate in the Survey of the 2021 Fall Semester 2021 Fall Keese School Survey

Recorded Videos from the 2021 Fall semester are here 2021 Fall Videos
The following recorded 2021 Fall sessions are being broadcast on Wednesdays, at 11am and 10pm, on AVTV (975/976):
- Jan. 26, Effective Tactics for Social Change and Criminal Justice Reform - Speaker: Crystal Francis

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