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The 2022 Fall Semester of classes will be in auditoriums following Asbury COVID restrictions.
Most of the evening sessions will be recorded and available here 2022 Fall Videos
For past catalogs and recorded presentations visit Previous Semesters
We look forward to seeing you at our 2022 Fall lectures, concerts, and courses
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#154, Great Decsions, Quad Alliance class delayed to December 6


Previous sessions to be broadcast on AVTV on Wednesdays 11am & 10pm
* Nov   9, #102 A Holy Land Pilgrimage, Rev. Malcolm Frazier
* Nov 16, #103 Symphony of the Potomac, Joel Lazar, Director
* Nov 30, #104 Writing Historically Accurate Fiction about World War II, Michael Gibson

Previous session Videos ready to be viewed on your computer    pw avtv
Video - #101 Once We Went to the Moon, John Logsdon
Video - #102 A Holy Land Pilgrimage, Rev. Malcolm Frazier
Video - #103 Symphony of the Potomac , Joel Lazar, Director
Video - #104 Writing Historically Accurate Fiction about World War II, Michael Gibson
Video - #105 A Tour of Washington- What's New in 2022?, Christina Bauer
Video - #106 "Let's Have Fun" by a Woodwind Quintet, >Ensemble a la Carte
No Video #107 Making a TV News Story Laura Strickler
Video - #108 Writing Historically Accurate Fiction about World War II, Frank Kirschner
Video - #109 Old Myths, New Narratives, Richard Buckley
Video - #112 The Birds, the Bees, and the Censors, Phyllis Naylor

Previous sessions being edited
#110, Thursday, Oct 13, Montgomery County Sister Cities Bruce Adams, Parker Hall
#111, Monday, Oct 17, The Library of Congress- A Personal Tour Caroline Saccucci, Hefner Auditorium
#113, Monday, Oct 24, Dr. Stonestreet in Rockville Clarence Hickey and Mary Lou Luff, Hefner Auditorium
#114, Thursday, Oct 27, Byline- Ernie Pyle Steve LaRocque, Rosborough Theater
#115, Monday, Oct 31, Hopes and Concerns for Africa's Future … Prudence Bushnell, Hefner Auditorium
#116, Thursday, Nov 03, Earth's Energy Balance and Why the Climate is Changing Jud Stailey, Parker Hall
#117, Monday, Nov 07, Asbury Birds Dan Neumann, Rosborough Theater
#118, Thursday, Nov 10, The Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County Thomas Dunne and Molly Wilson, Parker Hall
#119, Monday, Nov 14, Carmina Vera Kochanowsky, Director, Rosborough Theater
#120, Thursday, Nov 17, Asbury Resident Art Gallery Jan Maddox, Heddy Taima, Barbara Kilby, Rosborough Theater

Remaining 2022 Fall Semester Evening Lectures And Performances
#121, Monday, Nov 21, Spectacular Building Failures John Gross, Hefner Auditorium
#122, Monday, Nov 28, Asbury Residents' Support for Afghan Refugees Spence Limbocker, Moderator, Hefner Auditorium
#123, Thursday, Dec 01, The Hot Lanes Presents- A Festive Evening of Jazz… Bobby Jasinski, Rosborough Theater
#124, Monday, Dec 05, Readers Theater at Asbury Nancy Hirsche and Rollie Smith, Parker Hall
#125, Thursday, Dec 08, Readers Theater at Asbury (repeat) Nancy Hirsche and Rollie Smith, Parker Hall

#152, The History and Archeology of the Bible- A DVD presentation by Jean-Pierre Isbouts , John Locke, Facilitator
          Twelve Wednesdays 10:00-11:30 a.m., September 21 to December 7
#153, Writing Memoirs, Creating a Legacy , Jack Hauber
          Third Tuesday of the month from 2:00-3:30 p.m., September 20, October 18, November 15, December 20, 2022,
          January 17, February 21, March 21, April 18, May 16, June 20, 2023
#154, Great Decisions , Pat Brill and David Winfield, coordinators
          Four Tuesdays, 2:00-3:30 p.m., Sept. 20, Nov. 1, Nov. 22, Dec. 6 new date
#155, The Tyrant and His Base- A Study of Authoritarian Populism , Winston Davis
          12 sequential Fridays 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, September 30 to December 16

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