Videos - Keese School 2021 Fall Semester - 2021/2022 1st Semester Keese School

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101 The Paradox of American Immigration: Chronic Indigestion
Bill Brown - U.S. Immigration Timeline - HISTORY

102 New York World Trade Center on 9/11
Alice Wong and Averill Farrelly - Collapse of the World Trade Center

103 The Demise of the Dinosaurs; When, Where, How and a Lot More
George Stosur - Why Did the Dinosaurs Die Out?

104 From Slavery to Freedom: The African Experience in Montgomery County
Shirl Spicer - Black History In Montgomery County

105 Ittoen: A Buddhist Response to Capitalism
Winston Davis - What is Ittoen

106 Glen Echo Park and Its Carousel
Kevin Patti - Dentzel Carousel - Glen Echo Park

107 NIST and its Importance for Society
Magdalena Navarro - NIST General Information

108 Genetic Genealogy: Who Do You Think You Are?
Andrew Hochreiter - Genetic Genealogy

109 Victims’ Rights Foundation
Greg Wims - Victims’ Rights Foundation

110 Music and Stories from the Coffeehouse
Gary Clark - Gary Clark - Facebook

111 Hate Crimes
John J. McCarthy - Stop the Hate: What You Need to Know

112 Connect, Create, and Heal through the Written Word
Carol Solomon - Love, Loss, & Ghosts: Stories

113 Asbury Methodist Village Stream Restoration
Mike Jones - 12/23/2020 Stream Restoration Project Asbury Methodist Village Reach I, (4 min)

114 Bach, Banjos, and the Hero's Journey
John Bullard - BACH ON THE BANJO! with John Bullard, Prelude from Partita No. 3

115 Effective Tactics for Social Change and Criminal Justice Reform
Crystal Francis - Center for Social Change
Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform

116 Quest: Search for a Lost Brother
Dorothy Mbori - Amazon The Quest: Search for a Lost Brother

117 The Right to a Full Life
Debbie Fickenscher - Debbie Fickenscher
Amazon The Right to a Full Life

118 History of the Land Grant Universities: Implications for Reparations
William Trueheart William Trueheart

119 Lessons in the Active Pursuit of Diversity from Fairhaven UMC
Geoff Kaiser, Rev. Gerry Green, Jr., and Fairhaven panelists Fairhaven UMC

120 Why I Love Shakespeare (and You May, too?)
Sandy Mack Sandy Mack

121 Marijuana Legalization, Drug Decriminalization, Opioid Overdoses - What makes sense with mind altering drugs?
Eric Sterling Marijuana Legalization