Videos - Keese School 2021 Fall Semester - 2021/2022 1st Semester Keese School

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101 The Paradox of American Immigration: Chronic Indigestion
Bill Brown - U.S. Immigration Timeline - HISTORY

102 New York World Trade Center on 9/11
Alice Wong and Averill Farrelly - Collapse of the World Trade Center

103 The Demise of the Dinosaurs; When, Where, How and a Lot More
George Stosur - Why Did the Dinosaurs Die Out?

104 From Slavery to Freedom: The African Experience in Montgomery County
Shirl Spicer - Black History In Montgomery County

105 Ittoen: A Buddhist Response to Capitalism
Winston Davis - What is Ittoen

106 Glen Echo Park and Its Carousel
Kevin Patti - Dentzel Carousel - Glen Echo Park

107 NIST and its Importance for Society
Magdalena Navarro - NIST General Information

108 Genetic Genealogy: Who Do You Think You Are?
Andrew Hochreiter - Genetic Genealogy

109 Victims’ Rights Foundation
Greg Wims - Victims’ Rights Foundation

110 Music and Stories from the Coffeehouse
Gary Clark - Gary Clark - Facebook