Keese School 2022 Spring Semester Videos Keese School

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#101 Rosie The Riveter Not Recordered
Mary Ann Jung - History Alive Shows

#202 Women Heroes Video
Ann McCallum Staats - Ann McCallum Staats - Books Videos Contact

#203 Global Food Security: Challenges in a Post-COVID-19 World Video
Richard Gilmore - Richard Gilmore - Restoring and Strengthening Food Safety

#204 Humanitarian Response to International Emergencies and Disasters Video
Dennis Warner - Dennis Warner - Water Relief

#205 Modern Communications: The Art of Connecting Our Campus Video
Jeanne Dimmick - Jeanne Dimmick - CCRC Technology

#206 Nature's Pharmacy: A Source of Medicines for the Millennia Video
Gordon Cragg - Gordon Cragg - Nature - a source of medicinal products

#207 The Secrets Behind Jane Austen’s Popularity Video
Victoria Kincaid - Victoria Kincaid - Books

#208 Life in Rockville in 1823 Video
Mary Lou Luff - Beall-Dawson House - Montgomery History

#209 A Visual History of Gaithersburg’s Video
Chris Berger - Interactive Visual History of Gaithersburg - Historic District Commission

#210 Gaithersburg High School Chamber Singers Video
Sidney Clarke-Lequerique - Sidney Clarke-Lequerique, Choirmaster - Gaithersburg High School Choral Department

#211 Transformational Leadership Theory in Action Video
Prudence Bushnell - Prudence Bushnell - Terrorism, Betrayal, and Resilience: My Story of the 1998 U.S. Embassy Bombings

#212 Requests: Sing Along and Piano Show Video
Andrew Blendermann - Andrew Blendermann - Blenderful Music

#213 Back-channel (Secret) Communication in Conflict Video
Dean G. Pruitt - Dean G. Pruitt - Titles By Dean G. Pruitt

#214 American Indian Code Talkers: The Real Story Video
Steve Huffman - The Navajo Code Talkers: a cryptologic and linguistic perspective - Identities, Lives, and Memories of Navajo Code Talkers

#215 Devoting a Career Towards Improving Elder Care Video
Tippy Irwin - Ombudsman Services Of San Mateo County - Tippy Irwin retiring after rejuvenating county senior care advocacy services

#216 A Harpsicord Concert Video
Vera Kochanowsky - Dr. Vera Kochanowsky Early Music America - Spotify - Vera Kochanowsky

#217 Transforming the Residence of Carmen and David Lloyd Kreeger into The Kreeger Museum Video
Judy A. Greenberg - Judy A. Greenberg - Moment gallery

#218 Violin Solo Video
Alessandra Cuffaro - Alessandra Cuffaro, M.M. - The Four Seasons, Kentlands Orchestra, Alessandra Cuffaro - violin

#219 Malaria Control and Eradication: Goals for Global Public Health Video
Tom Wellems - Tom Wellems, M.D., Ph.D. - Malaria

#220 Faith, Belief and Reason Video
Geoffrey D. Kaiser -

#221 The Darryl Brenzel Invention Trio Jazz Performance Video
Darryl Brenzel, Band Leader -

#222 Francis Asbury: The Man Who Never Retired Video
Joye Jones -

#223 Suffragists in Washington Video
Rebecca Boggs Roberts -

#224 Caring for the Art of the Capital Video
Barbara Wolanin -

#225 Peace Corps Panel of Resident Alumni Video
Jay Hatch and Asbury Peace Corp Alumni -

#226 The Armies of Qin: The Terracotta Soldiers and the First Emperor of China Video
Dorothy Bonett -